Sales invocing

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Sales invocing

Quick guide to preparing invoices: Adopt Talenom Online web service and prepare your invoices wherever you are and whenever you want. We will take care of sending the invoices and monitoring the receivables for you.

We have made sales invoice management easy for you. In the simplest form, you only need to prepare the invoices in Talenom Online web service, after which we forward them appropriately. We also monitor the invoices and ensure that they are paid, if necessary, by sending reminders and forwarding the invoices for collection.

From the sales invoice service, the materials are automatically transferred to Talenom’s bookkeeping system.

Central features of the service

Invoice preparation

  • invoice preparation is an easy and fast procedure
  • the service includes a contractual invoicing feature
  • real-time sales monitoring

Sending invoices

  • Paper invoices are sent daily as electronic letters
  • E-invoices are sent daily
  • Invoices can have attachments added to them

Receivables monitoring

  • Payments are allocated to invoices daily
  • If there are discrepancies, the payment is allocated manually
  • Receivables are monitored on a real-time basis
  • Reminders are sent automatically in accordance with agreed practices
  • If the client wishes, the invoices can be transferred to the Intrum Justitia collection service
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