Greeting from the CEO

More than four decades of a finnish growth story

Established in 1972, Talenom is a pioneer in the Finnish accounting sector with a strong growth history. In our operations, we have combined a personal service with automated financial management processes. The starting point for all of our operations is to support our customers’ success.

We provide our customers with a wide range of accounting services and other legal, tax and financial advisory services that support our customers’ business operations. We have a strong software development unit and we also offer our customers advanced electronic financial management tools. This entity ensures that we are a caring accounting firm.

Talenom is at a strong growth phase in an industry that is about to undergo structural changes. The market is fragmented and old-fashioned, which has opened up and will continue to open up significant new opportunities for organic growth.

Changes are driven by strong digitalisation and automation, which will allow our accounting production line to operate more efficiently. Our industry is further transformed by the increasing number of accounting firm owners who will retire. We strongly believe that we will be able to continue to win market shares with our solid sales, by scaling our services, and by continuing to take special care of our customers in a clear manner while supporting their success.

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