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Corporate loan service

Apply for a corporate loan on Talenom Online and accelerate your business without all the old-fashioned bureaucracy. The application is easy to complete, and you will receive a rapid decision concerning a suitable solution.

Quick and effortless corporate loans

Talenom offers an entirely digital platform for corporate loan applications, with none of the traditional bureaucracy. The corporate load service makes it quick and easy to apply for corporate loans directly on Talenom Online. If necessary, you can contact an expert for assistance with the application. You will receive a rapid non-binding loan decision, and the money can be in your company’s account the same day. Corporate loans are compared using Talenom’s partner service, which aggregates offers from thousands of investors. Loan applications can be made for up to EUR 1,000,000 without real security. If desired, corporate loans can be repaid in a lump sum payment. It is also possible to apply for an instalment-free period or additional financing. The loan has a fixed annual interest rate, which is calculated on the outstanding principal with no hidden terms and conditions.


  • Your company uses the Talenom Online service.
  • The company has been in business for at least one financial period.
  • Your company’s credit rating and payment history are good.
  • Your company’s cash flow is sufficient to enable the corporate loan to be repaid.
  • The purpose of the corporate loan is to promote your company’s future success.
  • The owner and/or people in positions of responsibility guarantee the loan or real security is obtained for the loan.

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