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Financing services

Invoice financing is an integral part of sales invoicing. Talenom’s customers have access to the cheapest and easiest service on the market, enabling you to keep your cash flow in balance by financing some or all of your sales invoices. The risk of credit losses is also transferred to the financier.

Sell invoices easily

Financing services can also make entrepreneurs happy. In the event of a temporary cash flow deficit, a solution must be found when the need arises. We think that entrepreneurs should not need to tie themselves in knots with applications, requests and affirmations. Financing partners should offer speed, simplicity and value. As a Talenom customer, you can address your financing needs as part of your ordinary financial management routines on Talenom Online. It has never been so easy and quick to apply for financing.


  • Your company uses Talenom’s Sales Invoicing service.
  • Your company sends invoices to limited liability companies, cities, municipalities, the state or public institutions for which credit ratings are available.

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