Instalment financing service

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Instalment financing service

An easy way to balance out the cash flow in the event of seasonal fluctuations, unforeseen acquisitions or business changes. For each invoice, you can select the means of paying the invoice from the company’s account immediately or in suitable instalments at a later date.

Cash flow flexibility

If your cash flow requires a little more flexibility when an invoice needs to be paid, you can use Talenom’s Instalment Financing service. Talenom’s Instalment Financing service is seamlessly integrated into Talenom’s Invoice Payment service. You can pay the invoice in suitable instalments via Talenom’s Invoice Payment service. You can choose which invoice to finance and how many instalments you would like. The financier pays the invoice sum to the supplier by the due date. This ensures that your purchase invoice is paid on time. The Instalment Financing service is easy to deploy – just add an electronic signature and the service is ready to use. The Instalment Financing service enables you to handle payments to suppliers of goods and services and to key stakeholders on time. Bookkeeping is handled automatically, and the financing invoices are sent to Talenom’s Invoice Payment service. You do not need to worry about due dates. You can always contact Talenom’s expert customer service team whenever necessary.


  • Your company uses Talenom’s Invoice Payment service.

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