New entrepreneurs

A new entrepreneur should proceed systematically, building one cornerstone at a time. Talenom’s solutions help new entrepreneurs get started without excessive financial investments.

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New entrepreneurs

We support new entrepreneurs from the very beginning and help them in the preparation of a business plan. We also help them find the most suitable company form for them. We prepare all the establishment documents required by relevant authorities and give advice on available financing sources and how to choose the best alternative. We can also participate in the acquisition of financing, for instance assist in loan negotiations with finance providers.

As a part of company establishment we offer
  • Advice on choosing the right form of company and taking into account the tax aspects and assessment of the company’s legal obligations
  • Document preparation for starting up a company
  • Taking care of necessary official notifications
  • Drawing up contracts between shareholders’
  • Advice for the entrepreneur on practical measures during the process
  • Establishment and implementation of a properly sized financial administration
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As a new entrepreneur you will need

Coordinated and well scheduled

Efficient, automated processes

Information for the management

Named contact person

Specialized expert teams

Easy-to-use electronic services

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