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Talenom App

Talenom App

The Talenom App is an easy-to-use and cost-effective mobile application for mobile phones, for delivering accounting documents and travel invoices.

Deliver documents

Use the Talenom App to deliver any accounting material to Talenom. Credit card receipts, purchases from online stores, parking fee documents, sales contracts, etc.: just take a photo with your camera phone, or upload the document from its memory, add the required information and send. Easy and quick!

Travel invoices

The Talenom App is the easiest and most economical application on the market for invoicing domestic travel expenses. The application functions as a storage for travel information and as a log book for employees: add the purpose of the trip and the information on the time and route, and the application calculates the expenses to be paid. The user can immediately form an invoice for the trip or send an accumulated invoice once a month.

The Travel invoices feature is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the App.

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Key benefits and features

+ easy to get started and use, signing in is done using a Talenom Online account

+ deliver any accounting material

+ the easiest and most economical application for invoicing domestic travel expenses

+ multi-company feature, which means that if the user is involved with several companies, the same account can be used to deliver material or to send travel invoices to all the companies

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