"I said, that I have to find my own apartment now. I set up its office." -Paavo Tahkola

Talenom’s story is now on one cover. Courage, caring and will have been enough for fifty years. Along the way, Talenom’s solutions have aroused confusion, appreciation and anger – things have always been done a little differently than others do. Going its own way has paid off, it has grown from a one-man company to an international player. And the journey continues.


Talenom sijoituskohteena hero

“I took out a consumer loan to get the shares bought. That is, the trousers caught up with the company and the business.”

Otto-Pekka Huhtala

When done together, we rejoice together. Juho Ahosola airs the success of Great Place to Work.


Talenom’s Story tells about the establishment of the company’s journey to this day. If you think there is no more boring work in the history of an accounting firm, you may change your mind after this book.