Our story

Talenom is an accounting company established in 1972. For more than 40 years, we have been a partner that has taken care of especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more about the turning points of our history. 


1972 - The company was established

Accounting Firm Paavo Tahkola & kni was established in Oulu in spring 1972 by Paavo and Anneli Tahkola.

The company started as Accounting Firm Tahkola.

1974 - First employee

The business expanded and after two years of operations, the company hired its first employee.

The first employees hired

1980 - First computer arrived

The company wanted to be in the forefront of development from the very beginning. The first computer was taken into use as early as 1980. The diskettes were quite large at that time.

First computer arrived

1983 - Expansion of the office network

Business grew, and the company started to expand its office network from the city of Oulu to the neighbouring province in the early 1980's. 

Expansion of the office network

1998 - Change of generation

A change of generation took place in 1998 when Paavo Tahkola transferred the company to the next generation.

Change of generation

2000 - Helsinki

At the turn of the millennium, an increasing number of enterprises needed Talenom's approach to accounting. The company's operations expanded further and a decision was made to establish an office in Helsinki. 

Talenom expanded to Helsinki

2001 - First version of Talenom Online

The first version of Talenom Online was published. At the time before online stores and services, it was an innovative novelty. Today Talenom Online has thousands of users.

First version of Talenom Online

2008 - Expert Services unit

As there was an increasing need for taxation and legal expertise among SMEs, Talenom responded to the need by establishing a unit that offered suitably sized taxation and legal services to them.

Taxation and Legal experts as a new service

2012 - More than 300 employees

In 2012, Talenom had more than 300 employees. Today, the number of employees is more than 500.

The number of personnel exceeded 300

2014 - Growth continues, new offices

In 2014, Talenom has continued growing. Enterprises throughout Finland need efficient and attentive financial management services. The new offices are in Hyvinkää, Kouvola, Hämeenlinna and Turku. At the end of 2014, the number of personnel is 500.

Continued growth and new offices

2015 - Talenom gets listed on the stock exchange

Talenom gets listed on Nasdaq First North in Helsinki.

Talenom gets listed on the stock exchange

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