Accounting services

for vehicle and machinery dealerships

Talenom has a team dedicated to vehicle and machinery dealerships. We know your industry, speak your language and take care of all the paperwork for you.

We know what it takes to run a vehicle and machinery dealership

Down payments, trade-ins, registration, VAT margin schemes… The dealership business can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, you are not alone – Talenom’s financial management experts can help to chart your course. Every member of Talenom’s vehicle and machinery dealerships team is a specialist with experience in the industry. This means that you always get to deal with an accountant who understands your business and speaks your language.

Novoset Oy

Car dealerships

Selling cars is all about confidence. But it is difficult to stay upbeat when you are worrying about the tax on imported cars, the VAT tied up in your stock or your bottom line. Keeping track of every little detail can be overwhelming. Not to us!

Machinery dealerships

Your receipts do not have to smell of engine oil for your customers to see you as a professional. We know everything from tractors to combine harvesters, from grass trimmers to circular saws, and from snowmobiles to quad bikes and mopeds. Let us help you to work out whether your profit lies in the sale of machinery, parts or servicing.


There are so many different types of garages. Some focus on servicing and repairs, others on bodywork and windscreens, and still others on tyres and engines. Some garage owners lose sleep over insurance bills, others over the choice of tyre treads. We may not know how to use diagnostic tools or an alignment bench, but we know everything there is to know about finance and administration.

We at Talenom believe that there are three things that every business owner is ultimately looking for: professionalism, customer service and automation. We have also learned that delivering the bare minimum is not enough.

For us, professionalism means not only knowing about the financial structure and tax treatment of vehicle and machinery dealerships but also understanding the industry. As for customer service, we need to be not just friendly but also knowledgeable and able to explain complex concepts in layman’s terms. And automation does not mean having an automated telephone service but giving our customers the ability to run their administrative processes cost-effectively.

Working together with a team of specialist accountants, payroll administrators who know the relevant collective agreements inside out, experts who can answer tricky questions and the industry’s best system developers, we have put together a unique package of everything that Finnish vehicle and machinery dealerships need.

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